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Ballet Teacher Resume

A Ballet Teacher should be highly capable of training the students in ballet and other dance forms. Hence, a resume for ballet teacher should convince the prospective employer that he/she is able to accomplish this task successfully. This sample helps you to write an ideal resume.

Sample Ballet Teacher Resume

Betty John
8567 Pretty View Ln
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Cell: 403-922-3665
Email: bettyjohn@yahoo.com
Career Objective:

Seeking a position of a Ballet Teacher in your school to utilize my skills and capabilities for training the students in the ballet dance form.


  • Ability to teach ballet dance to the students and other forms of dance such as modern dance, salsa
  • Good knowledge of the history and famous performers of ballet dance form
  • Ability to convey the past and present trends of ballet to the students
  • Ability to train the students to perform at a professional level
  • Ability to provide guidance to the students for improving their ballet dancing techniques
  • Ability to identify the problematic areas of the students and provide them more training for improvement in the dance form

Technical Skills:

  • Excellent knowledge of computers

Educational Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree Of Fine Arts with specialization in Ballet dance from ABC University, in the year 19XX
  • Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts with specialization in Ballet dance from ABC University, in the year 19XX


  • Certificate course in professional training of Ballet and Modern Dance form, from ABC dance school in 20XX

Professional Experience:

ABC High School, Virginia
March 20XX -  Present
Ballet Teacher

  • Providing individualized attention and training for the students in the Ballet dance form
  • Organizing programs and annual functions of the school
  • Arranging for the costumes and other materials required for the programs
  • Training and teaching the students in new trends and informing them about the ballet as a dance form
  • Offering recommendations for the students to improve their dance styles
  • Communicating to the parents about the progress of the child

XYZ High School, Virginia
April 19XX – 20XX
Ballet Teacher

  • Deciding the level of teaching for the students and then providing them training
  • Undertaking various exercises for the students before teaching them ballet dance form
  • Teaching them other dance forms such as Salsa and modern dance
  • Organizing dance programs and competitions for the students
  • Identifying the problems of the students and training them to improve it
  • Providing information about the ballet art from and the famous ballet performers

The sample given above for Ballet Teacher provides assistance to draft an effective resume while applying for the post.