PeopleSoft Technical Resume

The primary responsibility of the PeopleSoft Technician is to develop and implement projects based on the client’s requirements. They have to perform complex engineering tasks in software development and delivery of test plans . They need to have in-depth knowledge about various software.

Sample PeopleSoft Technical Resume

Carl E John
1234 Stanley road
Chicago, IL 12345-1234
Phone: (123) 123-1234

Career Objective

Obtain a PeopleSoft technical position in a dynamic firm where my practical knowledge in IT field using various software skills makes me a remarkable candidate for the designation.


  • Have 4 years of experience in using admin PeopleSoft, people code, and people tools in various industries
  • Experience in design, application and database management using many software technologies
  • Have 2 years experience in IT concern as software engineer and successfully completed many projects


  • Leadership potential
  • Problem-solving and analytical ability
  • Ability to coordinate well in a team
  • Effective and efficient communication skills and presentation abilities
  • Ability to manage and balance multiple responsibilities

Professional Experience

Organization: ABC Infy, California
Designation: Technical Developer
Years of experience: 3 years – Till date


  • Gather the technical requirements and implement using technical specification
  • Create and execute projects by developing codes
  • Involved in training the upcoming technical team
  • Handle various software programs within a team for project execution
  • Provide technical training and help the clients in clarifying all the queries
  • Provide constant support for testing ,coding and implementation

Organization: XYZ tech park, California
Designation: Software Engineer
Years of experience: 2 years


  • Expand and execute the plan in documenting the report
  • Document all the specifications from different projects and systems
  • Keep track of outflow to accomplish the obligatory targets
  • Plan and practice the schedules along with the team

Educational Qualification

University: ABD University, Alaska

Degree: Bachelor of Electronics
Year of Passing: 20XX
Duration: 4 years
Percentage: 75

University: Arizonan State University, AZ

Degree: Associate degree in Computer Science
Year of Passing: 20XX
Duration: 2 years
Percentage: 78

Corporate Training

Provided by ABC Infy on the following courses
Duration: 3 months
People soft HRMS 8.8
People tool 8.4

ERP packages Known

People soft version 7.X, 8.X, and 9.XOpen Taps, Dolibarr, Blue Erp, Compiere

Software Skill

C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, .Net, UNIX, PHP, Mysql

Projects Done

ABC Infy System maintenance ( 6 month project )

Project for the client: CYPRUS Bank, Alaska
Project completed: System Maintenance
Software used: PeopleSoft 9.X and 8.X, SQL, Javam,Team size: 10
Role: Technical Developer

 XYZ Tech Park
Project for the client: Alaska University
Project completed: Administration Maintenance
Software Used: People soft &.X, Blue Erp and coimpiere, JAVA, UNIX

Reference: Available upon request

Your resume definitely makes a difference in your job hunting process. You must present your information as the employer expects. This Technical PeopleSoft resume can be a useful tool to you while applying for this designation.

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