Quality Control Inspector Resume

Quality Control resume given below is well balanced format for resume writing. The role of a quality control inspector in any organization is responsible for quality maintenance in the organization such as the material used, personnel involved in manufacturing and their experience in that field, proper utilization of the resources, time utilized and the duration of the project. As a quality control inspector you should be able to maintain the standard quality of the product by escalating the drawback in the manufacturing unit, promotional unit, development unit or the implementation unit. The trick for a winning resume is to effectively place your skills and experience in your document.

Sample Quality Control Inspector Resume

Bruce Adams
1234 Melson Ave, Harrisburg, PA 12345-1234
Email: adam@example.com
Telephone Number: (123) 123-1234

Career Objective:

Seeking for a Quality Control Inspector position where my experience and knowledge in the quality testing field can be utilized for the growth of the organization.


  • Have developed and maintained excellent quality system
  • Excellent knowledge about quality management
  • Have accessed new quality control tool to remove the bug
  • Provided routine quality reports


  • Sikkels University, CA
    Course completed: Bachelor of electronics and communication engineering (19XX-20XX), first class with 78%
  • Annie Johnson Immaculate School
    Completed school education with 70%

Work Experience:

Working in XYZ marketing solutions as a Quality control inspector for the past 2 years


  • Monitor the quality status of the organization
  • Maintain and inspect the quality of the raw material till the end of the project
  • Perform the early defect detection and perform cleanup process
  • Organize and train a team for stable quality maintenance
  • Maintain, update, install and configure the advanced quality tools to meet the company’s needs
  • Trouble shoot the problems and create a report on the issue

Worked in ABC Solutions, New York as Quality inspector for 3 years


  • Measure the defective level and the analyze the exact location of the defect
  • Pass the inspection report to the higher authority for getting solution
  • Support the server with various software and hardware features to maintain the defect level
  • Create a tag and authenticate the purity rich product

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, windows 7, server operating system

Software Skills: Ms-office, java, HTML

Testing tools: SAP quality assurance testing tools, Soap test, Load testing tool, testing master (website testing tool) ,web application test tool, performance test tool

Certification Done:

  • CASQ & CAST-Certified associate in software quality and testing
  • ISTQB certified tester
  • Certified Test manager


  • Analytical abilities, attention to detail, planning and organizing skills
  • Proficiency in various software applications
  • Ability to cooperate with globally distributed teams
  • Excellent written and oral communication
  • Efficient in supervising and motivating a team

References : Available on request

This Quality Control Inspector resume can be enhanced further by including your core competencies, which would be considered as an added advantage. You can also include other skills to make your resume unique.

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