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IT Technical Resume

The Technical Support Officers provide technical support to the customers by solving their technical problems through electronic mediums or by face to face. They also configure the hardware programs and trains the clients for solving the technical problems by themselves.

Sample IT Technical Resume

Mr. Jonathan Wilson
16 Goonan Rd
Hooksett, NH 03106-2612
Cell: (602) 642-6721
Email id: jonathanwilson@yahoo.com

Career Objective

Seeking a position of a Technical Support Officer in an organization where I can use my technical abilities and potentialities for the progress of the organization.

Summary of Skills

  • Excellent communication and written skills as well as technical skills
  • Problem solving skills and good organizational skills
  • Ability to handle the clients and solve his/her queries
  • Knowledge of Internet and computer hardware and software as well as an ability to analyze the problem
  • Ability to guide the client for resolving the technical problems and good interpersonal skills
  • Good organizational skills and ability to provide the best service to the clients
  • Ability to think critically and research as well as an ability to maintain the data
  • Ability to provide the technical support to the clients and ability to grasp as well as follow the instructions
  • Ability to maintain the computer system and networks of the organization
  • Ability to present the technical information to the clients for the effective results

Educational Qualification

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from EWR Organization, Hooksett in the year 20XX


Hardware Networking from SCF Organization, Hooksett in the year 20XX

Technical Skills

Extensive knowledge of Contact Management System (CMS), database software, and Internet software as well as word processing software


Member of the DCV Technology Organization, Hooksett

Professional Experience

Currently working as a Technical Support Officer in SCD Organization, Hooksett from September 20XX till date


  • Providing technical support or guidance by resolving the technical problem of the customer through emails, phone calls, and by in person
  • Providing training programs to the customers for using the different software and hardware products
  • Identifying the technical problem and resolving it or directing customers that how to solve the problem
  • Examining the operating system of computer and installing software in the computer
  • Changing the parts of the computer for resolving the technical problems if required
  • Comprehending the problem, fixing it, and resolving it as well as troubleshooting the system and network problems
  • Communicating with clients regarding the technical problem they are facing and solving it

Worked as a Technical Support Officer in ERT Organization, Hooksett from December 20XX to August 20XX


  • Configuring computer hardware operating system and application programs
  • Troubleshooting the network and system problems as well as diagnosing the whole operating system for fixing the problem
  • Interacting with clients regarding the technical problem and providing them solutions as well as carrying out the electricity safety checks on computer tools
  • Pursuing the written instructions and diagrams for solving the technical problems as well as maintaining the good relationship with clients for the better results in work
  • Testing and assessing new technology and checking out the strength of it for effective results
  • Using the new application programs and providing the technical support to clients as well as clarifying their doubts


  • Best Technician Award from WSX Organization, Hooksett
  • Best Assistant Technician award from FVB Organization, Hooksett

An IT Technical Support resume would aid you for creating a perfect resume for the described post.

Java Technical Resume

Java Developers are responsible for developing the language programs and script languages for the organization. They also apply web application programs and develop new testing programs. You must have acquired the expertise and knowledge through your education and training as most of other Java Developers.  What will make you stand out from others? Your resume, of course! Write a winning resume that makes you an outstanding candidate for the post.

Sample Java Technical Resume

Mr. Jack Wilson
138 Bethel Dr
Dallas, GA 30157-6813
Cell no: 723-452-8911
Email id:jackwilson@yahoo.com

Career Objective:

Obtaining a position of a Java developer in an organization wherein I can use my skills for the betterment of the organization.

Core competencies:

  • Excellent computer skills and ability to comprehend the written instructions
  • Ability to interpret the needs of the clients and good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to develop the different software programs and ability to cope up with the team members
  • Ability to write clear and straightforward commented codes as well as an ability to solve the problems
  • Ability to analyze the needs of the clients in order to provide them the best services
  • Ability to collect the data for the future reference and ability to research on web application
  • Ability to motivate the team members and direct them for the better results
  • Good organizational skills and profound knowledge of the field
  • Ability to write the programs and excellent communication and written skills

Education and Licensure:

Completed the Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from SAD Organization, Dallas in the year 20XX


Completed the certification in Java Programming Language from ZXC Organization, Dallas in the year 20XX

Technical Skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of Core JAVA, J2EE,
  • Good knowledge of Java 5.0, JavaScript, Oracle PL/SQL, XML, AJAX, MQ, Struts, JSP
  • Techniques: wxWidgets, sndfile, openal
  • OS : Mac OS X; Linux; Windows XP
  • Languages : C++
  • Familiar with Apache Tomcat, Apache Web Server, UNIX commands and scripting, Ant, Aspect-J, JUnit


Member of AWE Technology Organization, Dallas

Professional Experience:

A Java Developer in SZX Organization, Dallas from August 20XX till date


  • Collecting the data for the future projects and applying web application programs
  • Creating new test programs for testing the functionality
  • Developing the script languages and creating Jython WebSphere configuration as well as preparing the project work plan
  • Re-applying existing JSP Pages by using Freemaker and migrating project work from WebSpehere 5.1 to Websphere 6.1 EJB3FP, involving the migration from Java, code annotations
  • Developing new technology involving back end and front end parts for JSP Freemakeras well as developing Freemaker UI components

A Senior Java System Analyst in ERT Organization, Dallas from December 20XX to June 20XX


  • Marinating the data of the work for the using it in future work and preparing the guidelines for the project work
  • Analyzing the programs for the clients and developing the language programs and implementing them
  • Preparing the project report for the team and providing the instructions for the positive results in work
  • Reporting to the senior Java Analyst regarding the project work and following the instructions given by him/her
  • Providing the user support on J2EE, Java application systems, and VB.Net application
  • Developing and maintaining of Java J2EE application systems and VB. Net application

A Java Technical resume would direct you to create  a well balanced resume that will sure to attract the potential employers.

IT Lecturer Resume

Presentation is very important in your IT Lecturer resume. It should elaborate not only your professional experience but also your skills that are required for your job profile. Keep it simple and short, highlighting the points which tells the employers why you are an ideal candidate for the job. Take help from the sample given here.

Sample IT Lecturer Resume

Margaret John
8258 Long Lake
Indianapolis, Indiana 53264-7216
Cell: 713-382-7882
Email: margaretjohn@yahoo.com

Career Objective

Seeking a position of an IT Lecturer at your reputed college to utilize my technical skills and abilities for the academic progress of the students of the college.

Summary of Skills

  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to teach and complete the syllabus in the given timeframe
  • Good knowledge of the databases and operating system of computers and ability to teach those to the students
  • Knowledge of E-commerce and Relational Databases
  • Excellent knowledge of recent developments in the field of Information Technology
  • Excellent team building and monitoring skills
  • Familiar with the curriculum and implementation of different teaching methodologies for the effective learning of the students

Technical Skills

  • Web development
  • Databases such as Oracle
  • Operating systems
  • Computer Languages such as C++ and Java

Educational Summary

  • PhD in Computer Application from ABC University, in the Year 20XX
  • Master’s degree in Computer Science from ABC University, in the year 20XX
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from ABC University, in the year 19XX


Certificate course in Teacher Education Program from ABC University, in 20XX

Professional Experience

ABC College, Indiana
March 20XX – Present
IT Lecturer

  • Instructing and training students in repairing and maintaining of computer hardware such as printers
  • Preparing assignments and delivering lectures for students
  • Assisting the Head of the Department in the administrative tasks
  • Motivating students and providing guidance to the students in project management
  • Initiating group discussions and informing the students about the recent developments in IT sector
  • Informing the students about future career prospects in IT industry

XYZ College, Indiana
April 19XX – 20XX
IT Lecturer

  • Maintaining student’s records and delivering lectures for them
  • Evaluating the academic progress of students and communicating it to the Head of the Department and the Principal
  • Purchasing the materials required for the computer lab
  • Organizing weekly staff meetings of the department and assisting the Head of the Department in administrative tasks
  • Writing academic books as well as articles for journals and magazines

This resume for IT lecturer is very useful for candidates applying for the post. You can use the format of this sample to draft your own profession document.